Managed WiFi

Reduce investment costs on Managed Wi-Fi equipment

Managed WiFi is a service-based model which unburdens a business from the burden of constantly developing and highly sophisticated WiFi technologies. Businesses which make use of cloud-based WiFi services include hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, and other hospitality-related businesses. They benefit from this service, as it allows them to seamlessly connect to the local wireless network as they would with their own Local Area Network (LAN). A company with a number of branch locations can also leverage their shared cloud based WiFi by connecting all these branches at a single place. The end users enjoy this feature as well, since it allows them to connect their gadgets to the same network without wasting any time.

There are several advantages of getting your business networks connected to managed WiFi solutions such as: Ensures high quality performance of the network. A number of enterprise level managed wireless solutions provide exceptional performance levels, even in demanding situations such as peak hours, when the number of clients is higher than the usual number of clients. They also guarantee secure wireless network performance which ensures that hackers do not infiltrate your networks to attack your gadgets or data.

Managed WiFi eliminates the hassles involved in securing a public wifi network.

It eliminates the need for a network administrator who has to constantly update software upgrades and security patches. With the help of a managed public wifi network you can easily get connectivity even when you are travelling abroad as your device will always be connected to the local network. You don’t have to worry about configuration issues either. The software takes care of everything.

Managed services are provided by highly professional service providers who have the technical expertise to help you design a fully managed system. They carry out a series of tests and technical checks to ensure that your service provider delivers just what you need. Once the system is designed, the managed service providers take over from there. You can get connected to the network at all times.

Wireless devices from managed service providers are pre-certified for security purposes.

This ensures that your home wifi connection is free from any viruses. This also ensures that you enjoy optimal connectivity and speed which you are used to enjoying with your wired counterparts. Some service providers offer managed connectivity at affordable prices. There are no contract restrictions as well which is a big advantage if you are planning to move later on.

Since all the work is carried out by professionals, you can concentrate on other aspects such as designing a fantastic layout for your office or house, or just enjoying your life. You are assured of a high quality connectivity, which ensures maximum productivity. Some managed service providers even offer their customers additional connectivity options like mobile broadband etc. depending on their customer requirements.

When choosing a managed service provider, always find out about their hardware and software. Find out if they offer any discounts on these devices or not. If you have a laptop then you may want to opt for a device which offers free LAN support which would ensure your desktop computer is connected to the internet too. However, make sure you check with the customer care centre to find out in case you need a particular feature in your equipment.

  • Another major advantage with managed wifi systems is the control panels they offer.
  • It is possible to set up any wireless device to connect to the network.
  • For example, you can connect your smartphone to the network so that you can use it as a virtual access point.
  • You can have different users logging in and out and you can choose the one who has been granted access to the internet via his own login.